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videos and explainer videos for your development project or non-profit


At Frontiers Animation we help Local and International Development, Multilateral donors, Nonprofits and advocacy groups create effective advocacy and behavior change videos, simplify complex information and reach and engage their audience. With top tier experts and some of the best clients in the non-profit space, we understand the industry and know how to get results.

Development and Non-Profit

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“The team transformed our idea into a beautiful, culturally-appropriate animated video teaching tool. We will certainly work with them again in the future..”

Maya Adam,
Director of Health Media Innovation
Stanford School of Medicine

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We offer a suite of research and evaluation options to ensure our programs have the intended effects on target populations. This includes formative, process, and outcomes research and evaluation. Our research and evaluation consultants are experts in social and behavioral sciences and have experience in program evaluation. We are happy to provide you with details of our research methodology. Please use the link below to get in touch and request a meeting.

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Our Cost

Animated videos in the health space can cost between $2,000 per minute up to $15,000 per minute depending on the complexity of the animation and the expertise required.

Frontiers Animation has a transparent pricing structure which you can see here.

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We are happy to help you decide on the best package for your project.
We can schedule a
30 minute zoom call to discuss your needs with us