Aloha Case Study Opportunity


Aloha Foundation’s primary aim is to inspire within children, families, and communities a love for nature through their extensive social and educational programs, environment stewardship, and thought leadership. However, because of the unforeseen circumstances that the world found itself in due to COVID-19, Aloha Foundation were not able to conduct their annual camp in the summer of 2020. However their desire to conduct the workshop within 2021 resulted in them wanting to develop an animated video that takes its viewers on a journey through the Aloha camp in order to raise funds for future iterations.

Planning and Execution

First and foremost, maintaining effective communication with the client was considered Frontiers Animation's highest priority and as such a dedicated producer was assigned to AF. The producer ensured that the channel of communication between us and our client remained active and provided timely approvals and delivery of the project. Working in constant cooperation with AF, the entire script team and the Creative Director carried out extensive research regarding AF to ensure that the vision and the mission of the foundation was captured within the animated video in its entirety.

The visual aesthetics of the animated video were kept true to the actual feel of the camp itself with inspiration taken from both the beauty possessed by nature surrounding the camp as well as the diversity present within its attendees. We wanted to capture and provide the viewers with the essence of AF and the important purpose it serves in creating a tight-knit community bond both within its local community as well outside of it.

Keeping all of these points in mind, the entire script team developed an eye-catching narrative that was complimented by bright, contrasting colours chosen by the design team which helped in giving the video a distinct and natural feel.

Within the pre-production phase, the mood board was developed by the team that combined all the extensive research and information gathered about AF with the uniquely chosen visual style. This was then formally presented to the client for approval after which a detailed script was created which took concepts from the preliminary brief and made it informative and engaging. This was followed by the creation of a storyboard that provided our client with a holistic visual view of our story. Once approved, the process was moved to fully colored screen designs which showed each keyframe of the video as a series of full-color images so that the client could get a better idea of what the final product would look like. An option of voice overs was given to the client, out of which they selected their desired voice.

Using the art team’s developed screen design, the animation team furthered the project towards its completion by working on developing background, foreground, and character animations. Each task was divided amongst the team under the supervision of the Creative Director which ensured that the final draft produced was cohesive and complete. This draft was then presented to the client for their approval and feedback, which was then incorporated within the draft. The draft then went through a series of extensive quality control processes before being edited into a final version, ready for prime time.