Yallo Case Study

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Yallo is Switzerland’s leading telecommunications firm that provides its customers with a variety of mobile telecommunications options at a fair price. With the company moving towards becoming a self-serving platform, Yallo wanted to assist its customers in making the transition towards it as well. As such they wanted to develop animated videos that would be consistent with their brand and also help ease the comprehension of their content for their customers.

Planning and Execution

To maintain effective communication with our client throughout the duration of the project, a dedicated producer was assigned to them who was responsible for ensuring proper communication, timely approvals, and project delivery. This allowed our entire script team and our Creative Director to work hand in hand with Yallo in order to bring into reality the concepts that they had already thought of in a way such that it remained consistent with their brand identity while being interactive and easy to understand for their customer base.

Visually, the style adopted for the animated video was one that was in line with the wishes of the client: engaging and interactive. Through the clients choice of character, we wanted to ensure that there existed a relatability factor with the core audience. While, the animations were chosen to be fun, quirky, and smooth so that they were both informative and engaging for the viewers.

Similarly, the script itself followed a similar trend as well so that the story remained informative while being simple, coherent, and fun to watch. By using the branding guidelines provided by Yallo, the creative team was also able to add a uniqueness to the style, look, and feel of the animated videos.

In the pre-production phase, all the prior work done by the team was combined with the chosen visual aesthetics to develop a mood board - which was then presented to the client for approval. This then led to the creation of an informative, engaging, and detailed script using the concepts that Yallo had in mind followed by the creation of a storyboard in order to give the client a visual understanding of the story. Once approved, the process was moved to fully colored screen designs which showed each keyframe of the video as a series of full-color images so that the client could get a better idea of what the final product would look like. Various options were provided for the voice over to the client, out of which they selected one.

The animation team then utilized these screen designs to develop the background, foreground, and character animations - a crucial part of our five-step-animation development process. Under the supervision of the Creative Director, these tasks were divided amongst the team and worked upon individually, which when completed, were then joined together to still obtain a cohesive and complete animations. With the completion of the draft, it was then given to the clients to obtain their feedback before putting the draft back through another set of extensive quality control processes and finally editing it into a final version.

Client Feedback and Reaction

Our constant commitment to maintain healthy and effective communication with our client through a dedicated Project Manager ensured that we received regular feedback at each and every stage of the project. Constantly integrating this feedback within the produced drafts allowed us to create a finished product that the clients were proud of.

“What made Frontiers stand out was the fact that their offering was such that they could adjust to our needs. Whenever I need to talk to them, I can reach them. I’m never frustrated waiting for feedback. They understand their customers. I don’t have to explain myself multiple times. This is something that was missing in the market. Usually we see people really focusing on animation and they don’t provide any other services. The work they do stands out from the videos I’ve been looking into from their competitors.“

Sumaria Ahmed

Senior Project Manager



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