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Panggil Aku Kartini Saja Pdf Downloadl (Updated 2022)




Category:Javanese literatureA wife who admits having a secret affair with a male friend has been given a suspended jail term after telling jurors her husband "wished he had never married her". Charity worker Nina Fraser, 37, of Almondsbury in Bristol, was handed the maximum sentence by a judge after telling an Old Bailey jury she had a "joint bank account" with 44-year-old Stephen Latimer. Yesterday Fraser had admitted one charge of having sex with a man other than her husband. Sentencing her to two years' imprisonment, the judge, Mr Justice Henriques, said: "What you did in this case was to have sex with a man who, having been asked, had consented to tell your husband what he had done with you. "Your actions in all respects made the situation far more difficult and less satisfactory for your husband than it need have been." The judge told the jury at Bristol crown court that Fraser had initially denied any affair but "the whole truth" had eventually emerged. The judge told the jury: "You have heard evidence that you have heard of a conversation between your husband and the defendant. "You have heard of a conversation with your husband about the allegations and how the defendant was going to take over his life. "This all took place within a very short space of time and your husband wanted to put an end to his marriage and the only way to do that was to tell the police. "You have also heard of a conversation where your husband asked the defendant to resign as the head of your children's musical group and he was asked to resign as the secretary. "And you have heard of a conversation about your husband's financial situation and your husband telling the defendant that he was going to have a divorce. "All of those things occurred within a very short space of time and I can't doubt that they were quite unpleasant for your husband. "I would ask you to disregard the fact that you have heard of those conversations and focus on the conversations themselves. "There were two conversations. One was with your husband's secretary and that took place when he was at the rehearsal of the group. "That conversation was to try to have Mr Voss resign from the group and was recorded. "That conversation is absolutely without a shadow of a doubt that he was going to be the head of the group. "At





Panggil Aku Kartini Saja Pdf Downloadl (Updated 2022)

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